Don’t count us out yet – UP Coach Okumu

Despite winning only two of their seven matches in the first round, UP Coach Godfrey Okumu reminded other teams not to count UP just out in the Final Four race yet.

Okumu, debuting coach for UP this year, said that while on papers they just won two games thus far, it is not impossible for UP to make it in the Final Four.

“With statistics, if we could win five games or even six games convincingly, then we have a chance,” Okumu said.

He added that this season is a seesaw battle of all teams and anything can just happen in just a snap.

The Kenyan volleyball coach said after their loss to National University that skill is not their problem but the winning mentality of his wards.

“I think our problem is not skill. I think sometimes the players, I feel they are not hungry enough to want to win because we play so well,” he explained.

He further explained that finishing the game is another aspect they lack.

“We defend well. But we just cannot finish the game. Our problem is not winning because if you finish the game, you win,” he said.

Moving forward in the second round, Coach Okumu vowed that UP will play the kind of volleyball they have.

He said it is possible that they can beat all teams only if the players play aggressively and work harder inside the court.

“We can beat all teams. It just depends on how hard we play. How aggressive we are,” he said.

“I don’t see anything special about those teams. We are just not aggressive enough,” he added.

Despite the winning and attitude dilemma the Diliman-based crew is facing, Coach Okumu noted that he still believes in his players.

Okumu, for once, reckoned their previous matches, saying that the scores were not that bad.

“You can see with our scores compared to the first losses that we had against less stronger teams compared to NU and Ateneo, you could see our game was kind of going up,” he said.

“I still believe that the girls can get the work done. We just need to work on few things,” he added.

UP is currently tied with UST in the standings with a 2-5 win-loss slate.