Fabio Menta: RDJ is the best coach in the PH

Just as when things seem to be going fine, Philippine volleyball was hit with a major blow when seasoned mentor Ramil de Jesus stepped down from his post as the head coach of the national women’s volleyball team.

The shocking news stunned and drew the attention of volleyball faithfuls who know what de Jesus can bring to the table.

One of them is Fabio Menta.

Menta, the tactician of Foton Tornadoes during their 2016 Asian Women’s Club Volleyball Championship stint, has been actively posting discussions – mostly Philippine-related – on his Facebook page.

On his latest discussion, he took time to share his thoughts on the drama surrounding Philippine volleyball at the moment.

He started his post by sharing a past experience, followed by his never-been-heard revelation on what happened during his short stint as Foton head coach.

Both experiences involved team managers/owners meddling on how he handled the teams.

“I could go on forever, ’cause these “behind the curtain things” happen all the time and can get even more complex than you could possibly imagine,” he wrote.

Though he has yet to meet de Jesus, Menta is certain that the La Salle coach is the best coach today in the country.

“I only understood two things: he’s the best coach in the Philippines and his teams play like him: smart, balanced, agressive. A great coach makes his team play just like he is inside. He gives the imprinting. The team is him,” the 56-year old Italian guru said.

Menta also believed that de Jesus wasn’t the mastermind behind the two tryouts held last April in search of players who will compose the 24-man pool.

“I have no idea why a smart coach with knowledge to run is forced to run tryouts. I don’t think it was his idea. I have a feeling his the type of guy who always knows what to do and could get nasty if you go against him,” Menta had written, pertaining to the highly questioned tryouts where not all of the invited showed up.

According to Menta there are two types of coaches: one who works with integrity and one who works for pay. Apparently, de Jesus belongs to the first.

Mentra wrote, “For the first ones, politics kill the joy of ‘being there’. Coach RDJ is leaving before starting. I feel for him. And I feel for the 10 million fans who are now confused.”

“Psycho dramas are nice on an afternoon TV schedule. When you represent your country, they are only embarassing,” he closed.

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