Raw Bottom Feeders Who Need A Big Break

Alexa Bliss reveals the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

There are your main eventers who draw the big money and crowd. These are the iconic names that need minimal introduction for you to cheer or boo them. Then there are the bottom feeders: the ones who take the losses and are humiliated to push the main eventers even more.

However, some of these bottom feeder’s status are unjustified if you consider the talent they have and the things they are capable of. Let’s take a look at some Superstars on the lower tier of Raw’s roster and see who among them can definitely have some time under the main event spotlight.

Tyler Breeze

 The frustration of Breeze fans since his NXT days is understandable when you look at his main roster run. Breeze’s current standing is miles away from the Superstar who was once worthy enough to face the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger. His current role as half of the Fashion police is entertaining, but the WWE Universe knows there is much more spunk underneath Breeze’s wardrobe that’s deserving of a singles title run.

Mike Kanellis Most may know him as the other half of Maria Kanellis. To others, he’s identified more as the world-famous Michael Bennet who toured the world alongside Adam Cole and others as they battled other renowned wrestlers and challenging for major championships. His WWE stint has left him mostly dependent on the name recall of his manager Maria. Left to his own accord, Mike Kanellis can handle the main event spotlight and show the WWE Universe the true power of love. 

Heath Slater Small, thin, and easily beaten up, Heath Slater won’t come to mind when you think of formidable WWE main eventers. What Slater’s got going for him though is his uncanny ability to be entertaining every time he appears on screen. His promos attract attention and can get laughs. His interactions with other Superstars always feel refreshing and ironically watchable. He doesn’t have to be great in the squared circle. His stature and style can be used in such a way that he’s effective in ring while being true to who he is. Just put Heath Slater more on TV for him to have a chance to be a contender. 

Mojo Rawley

For the longest time, Mojo Rawley was seen as the expendable guy whose main characteristic was being hyped for whatever. This hype unfortunately didn’t bring him far as he repetitively saw himself on the losing end of matches most of the time. The recent win streak of Mojo Rawley may be a couple of years overdue, but he seems to be pushing himself hard and making most of this opportunity for us to believe in the hype and see him more seriously.

(Photo Credit: WWE.com)

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