Reviving Glorious Bobby Roode

Alexa Bliss reveals the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

Bobby Roode has been with the WWE since 2016. From his days with NXT up to his current stint in the main roster, he’s established himself as a solid wrestler who’s able to connect to the crowd given the right opportunity.

He however has become stale and lackluster in recent times as he’s unable to achieve the glory he attained during his time as NXT champion. Here are some of the things Bobby Roode can do to jolt himself back up and make him the Glorious Superstar that he truly deserves to be.

Stop Banking on “Glorious”

It all started in NXT when his very catchy theme song “Glorious Domination” resonated with the fans who sang along to it every time he made his way to the ring. During his time on RAW, most of what Bobby Roode is is the guy who has the cool theme song and awesome chant. The crowd still sings with the theme. They also chant it every time Roode would taunt his opponents during matches. Beyond this is almost nothing. Give the crowd something to cheer for other than the chant, and maybe things might look differently for him.

Hate on the Crowd

A major factor that will determine their success in the WWE is their ability to connect with the crowd. It’s not enough that the wrestlers get a reaction. It’s as important that the WWE Universe is invested in them enough to want to actually see them every week. At NXT, Bobby Roode was always entertainingly condescending to the crowd, reminding them of his unquestionable class and superiority to those watching him. Roode attracted the money while the crowd paid to see him. He got to hang with high rollers, while the audience begs for his attention. Roode didn’t like being in NXT, while his spectators couldn’t get enough of him. If Bobby Roode is able to translate this attitude to the main roster, he’ll have an interesting trait that will make him stand out.

Get Raw Gold

Roode has lots of experience and titles under him to consider him a glorious superstar. His history is more than enough to carry him successfully through NXT and Monday Night Raw. However, it’s hard to be considered the glorious one when you can’t win the big matches. He has come up short when it mattered the most. He failed in recent losses for the Intercontinental championship or the Money in the Bank contract. Give him enough key victories and we might see another resurgence of his Glorious ways in WWE.

(Photo and Video Credit:, @WWEMusic)

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