WWE: Walk With Elias – A Track-by-Track Analysis

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WWE has produced countless soundtracks and records housing the various theme songs of our favorite superstars. Just recently, they released the latest album in their collection entitled WWE: Walk With Elias.

As the title suggests, this is the debut album of WWE’s music man Elias. With a guitar in hand and a voice to soothe or spite the local crowd, let’ see how the Drifter’s album might sit with the WWE Universe.

The Ballad of Every Town I’ve Ever Been To…

A solid opener that perfectly suits how Elias feels every time he makes his way to the ring or stage in an attempt to perform for the crowd. From Pittsburgh, to Chicago, to San Diego, New York, and San Antonio, Elias sings to us how much he despises and hates exactly every town and city he’s visited. He hates the people, the sights, and the overall vibe he gets that he can’t help but want to punch people in the face. This can be a surefire way to get the boos wherever Elias decides to sing this live. As he continues to search for the place that will please him, he’ll always be around searching as the Drifter.

Elias’ Words

The hating on the crowd continues as he rips and destroys every other person he encounters. Here, he emphasizes that he is the only person that matters. He is special and others are not. There’s no time to bother with lives and problems not his own. No matter what other people say or do, “the only words that matter in life are the ones Elias got.” Ironically, it’s a happy and upbeat tune for a song that hates on other people. Elias as its writer will definitely make it feel positive since he’s really pushing himself to the moon with this song. Don’t feel bad when you catch yourself clapping and nodding to the tune. It’s Elias’ words and songs you’re listening to.

Nothing I Can’t Do

A piano debuts in this track which breaks from the solo guitar we’re used to. Elias describes how he alone is everything the listener would ever need. He feels that he is everything as he goes on singing that this song is composed specially for the listener. He has unlimited power capable of doing literally everything. Give this song a go until he belts it out by the (true) end and you’d feel Elias has the solution to world hunger and could stop all wars. Really, there’s nothing he can’t do.

Walk With Me

If you made it this far and are not yet aware of what’s happening, Elias makes once last call to walk with him to wherever he goes. We are lost without Elias. We don’t have direction in life, but he knows the way. He sings that sharks and alligators follow him, so why shouldn’t we? Another fine tune especially with the hey-hey-hey parts totally singable by a live crowd. Throw in an electric guitar solo for good measure, and you’ll definitely find yourself blindly walking with Elias.

(Photo Credit: WWE.com)

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