Paul Heyman’s Next Advocacy

Alexa Bliss reveals the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

It seems Paul Heyman’s time as the mouthpiece and advocate for Brock Lesnar will end soon. Considering the events on the recent Raw wherein Brock abused Heyman, it’s fair to assume the former ECW boss will look for a new Superstar to advocate for to avoid further punishment. Here are some of the people who could use a big boost from Heyman’s managing and presence to further their WWE careers.

Authors of Pain

The Authors of Pain made their WWE debut under the tutelage of Paul Ellering. There’s no better manager for the AOP to learn from other than the same man who lead the iconic Legion of Doom. The mentorship wasn’t to last long however since AOP decided they no longer needed Ellering for their main-event run. Enter Heyman who with his presence and selling skills can elevate the AOP to an even higher level of success.

The B-Team

The B-Team

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are relatively light and fun for the serious and powerful Paul Heyman. However, if the B-Team are to have a mean bone in them to boost their credibility, there’s no other man perfect to help them with this cause than Heyman. Dallas and Axel can stand as guards and do their thing in the ring, while Heyman represents them and boosts their stock through the microphone and headset. The B-Team get the respect, and Heyman has a new client to push.

Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode doesn’t need the help of Paul Heyman for mic skills and overall presence. However, since Roode has recently been struggling to get out of his “Glorious” identity, having Heyman around to speak for him would add lots of layers to his personality. Then Roode can simply drop Heyman once he’s able to regain his confidence and stand on his own.

Hideo Itami 

Paul Heyman can be his most effective if he acts as a mouthpiece to Superstars struggling on the mic. Japan native Hideo Itami could definitely use the Heyman support to translate Itami’s in-ring swag and charisma to the microphone. This solves the disconnect between his ability to communicate through his wrestling and through his promos. The final product is an intimidating fighter backed by a strong and convincing advocate.

Nia Jax

Nia Jax is another intimidating force in the ring who could use some help on the microphone. She’s unable to translate her size and presence whenever she tries to cut a promo. This makes her come of as unthreatening despite the physicality in her. With Heyman around, Jax can do the women’s version of what Brock Lesnar does: standing around looking tough and mean, then decimating opponents when it’s time to get in the ring.

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