Recent Heartbreaks and Betrayals in WWE

Alexa Bliss reveals the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

In the WWE, the name of the game is to win the championship. It’s not unusual for some Superstars to form friendships, alliances, and relationships on their way to get there. It’s in these bonds that our favorite Superstars show a more human side to their weekly endeavor. However, when the ego supersedes logic and emotion, betrayals happen. It’s when the lines are blurred, and allegiances are thrown out of the window for the sake of pride or success. Fans and fellow Superstars are left stunned, hurt, and empty.

Fox Sports Philippines explores two of the most shocking and heartbreaking betrayals in recent WWE history. It’s not a comprehensive list, but going down this memory lane will surely make you remember just how hurt everyone was when they happened.

Seth Rollins over The SHIELD

June 2, 2014 on Monday Night Raw.

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins: The Shield were a solid unit. Together, they were three talented men with unique abilities who ran over the WWE locker room. It was like this century’s version of The Four Horsemen. In basketball terms, Harden, Westbrook, and Durant together in one team. Just like OKC then, the future was bright for this young and promising team. If they just stick together, they had the ability to take control of the WWE.

That is unless your feuding with the Authority and the boss HHH…

One chair shot to Roman Reigns was all it took for The Leader, The Architect, Seth Rollins to join the bad guys for easy and guaranteed success. Ambrose’ look of disbelief perfectly conveyed the shock and horror of everyone in the WWE Universe to what was unfolding before them. The truth was driven home to all, Reigns, Ambrose, and the crowd, with each punishing chair shot.

Afterwards, Rollins would officially be The Authority’s pawn, and the rest is history. It wouldn’t be the same for the Shield, its members, and the rest of the WWE Universe after this.

Kevin Owens over Chris Jericho

February 13, 2017 was supposed to be a fun and memorable day. On this night, Chris Jericho wanted to celebrate the friendship he had with his best friend, Kevin Owens. Y2J pulled out all the stops for this celebration in Vegas to make sure Owens felt how grateful Jericho was to be called tag team partner and friend.

He lavishes Owens with gifts.

Jericho gave Owens gifts: beating up Gillberg (a parody of Goldberg who KO was set to face soon), the promise of winning against Goldberg, a sculpture of two people arms intertwined ($7,000), a painting called “The Creation of Kevin” (worthy of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling), and Friendship the Magician (who was deservedly booed by the crowd). These were all exquisite gifts, save for Friendship who found himself in The List of Jericho – a list of things and people Jericho despises. Jericho topped his gift giving by saying a few words to KO on how thankful he was to have such chemistry with Kevin Owens. Real emotional stuff right there.

With everything Jericho gave, Kevin Owens just had one gift in a simple box for his “bestfriend”. It’s a new List. All was going well until Jericho came across his name….

The somber tone of Jericho’s voice, the heaviness of the tension, the shock of the crowd, and the seriousness in KO’s face built to the perfect climax in what had been a very fun and festive celebration. The succeeding beatdown and destruction of the Jeritron 5000 put finality to this classic breakup of Jericho and Owens. All this happened because KO didn’t want Jericho to be there when it was time to face Goldberg.

(Photo and Video Credit: and WWE Youtube)

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