Recent Comebacks That Blew The Roof Off

Alexa Bliss reveals the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

The WWE Universe loves surprises, and there’s no better way to surprise the crowd than by a shocking comeback. The best ones are made through a mix of Superstar popularity, unexpectedness, and relevance. In the last 10 years, we’ve seen our share of returning superstars who just blew the roof off.

Fox Sports Philippines takes a look at a shortlist of these comebacks that sent chills down spines and left fans screaming.

Brock Lesnar – April 2, 2012

When Brock Lesnar first left the WWE in 2004, he had accomplished everything he ever could. He’s ticked off headlining main events, winning championships, and getting in high-profile feuds. His unceremonious exit at WrestleMania XX left a sour taste on fans. It was known then that he wanted to venture into other sports like American football and MMA. He had huge success in MMA, and he was only derailed by a bad case of diverticulitis. With his popularity at its highest, it was a big surprise to see him back in the WWE and medically cleared to challenge John Cena. This comeback marked the beginning of Brock’s current unique run in the WWE.

Shane McMahon – February 22, 2016

Shane O’ Mac had been missing from WWE screens for a very long time. In his absence, the show was run mostly by his father Vince, sister Stephanie, and brother in law HHH. People longed for a break from the authority figures, and Shane McMahon was the perfect knight in swanky Jordans to save the day. A huge ovation greeted him upon returning which started his feud vs the Undertaker and stints as General Manager.

Ultimate Warrior – April 7, 2014

A frayed relationship with Vince McMahon after his WWE days made this Warrior return highly unlikely. However, time and reason heal all wounds as he and the WWE brass were able to make amends. The Ultimate Warrior would be inducted into the Hall of Fame on 2014 to have one memorable Wrestlemania weekend. He returned to Monday Night Raw to a loud ovation the following night in what would be his last public appearance. Sadly, he passed away the next day leaving behind a legacy that will never be forgotten.

 Bret Hart – September 10, 2012

WWE Hall of Famer Bret "Hit Man" Hart returns to the WWE ring in Montreal for the first time in nearly 15 years.

If the Warrior’s comeback was unexpected, the more it was true for Bret “The Hitman” Hart. 15 long years separated his 2012 Montreal return on Raw and that fateful night at Survivor Series. That was where the infamous Montreal Screwjob happened. Though he first made his official comeback in 2010, the more proper welcome happened two years later at the Bell Center. It was here when the Canadian hero was warmly welcomed by the Canadian fans as they celebrated his return to the promotion that made him.

 The Rock – February 14, 2011

The Great One’s last major run with the WWE was in 2004. Upon leaving, he would become one of the most popular Hollywood celebrities of all time.

In 2011, The Rock made his formal comeback to WWE and Monday Night Raw in what is arguably the loudest pop for a return in recent history. You can feel the electricity and excitement in the crowd. Goosebumps stood on The Rock’s arms as he took in the cheers that night.Truly, it was a huge pop worthy of The Great One.

It was announced then that he was slated to be the host for Wrestlemania 27 which would mark the multi-year feud he had with co-icon John Cena.

(Photo and Video Credit: and WWE Youtube)

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