Alternate WWE Universal Champions

Alexa Bliss reveals the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

The Universal Championship is an item of mystery amongst WWE Fans. What does it look like? Does it look like the universe: vast? Empty?

Let’s face it. Brock Lesnar not defending the belt, at least once a month, is not helping. Today, I will introduce alternate options for the Universal Championship.


Roman Reigns

We begin with the most obvious choice, Roman Reigns. Say what you want about Roman being shoved down our faces, but he’s a good wrestler. All he needs is a proper character that is not “guy who can’t get over The Shield.” A little character tinkering and, well, a heel turn would help a lot. The Rock never became The Rock until he became a villain. Roman can do a lot more being a jerk. This clip from NXT shows that he’s more comfortable in that character. Maybe it’s more natural for him to act that way. Who knows? All I can say is that Roman is still a good choice to get this Brock Lesnar Saga over with.


Seth Rollins

The Architect. Seth Rollins has done nothing but good for this company. A true workhorse that has shown how good he is in every, single match. The guy can work on the mic as a good guy and a bad guy. His moves excite the crowd and his previous WWE Championship run showed that he is on the elite level that very few competitors are in.

He’s there. Day in and Day out. Doing everything the company asks for him. Why isn’t he Universal Champion by now? It makes no sense. In the end, my main reason for choosing Rollins is the fact that he can do everything on the mic along with delivering excellent matches every night. His recent Intercontinental Championship run has proven us.

Imagine the Universal Championship having top quality matches with the guy who wants to burn it down.


Kevin Owens

He was the most disappointing Universal Champion because he got fed to the old-timers. Specifically Goldberg. Kevin Owens did not deserve that kind of treatment. His matches with John Cena have shown that he is an excellent wrestler. More capable than he seems. Yes. he’s a big guy but, the guy can do running cannonballs and moonsaults if he wanted to. Don’t underestimate him. That’s one of the reasons why I believe Kevin Owens should be Universal Champion once again. He never got the chance to prove how good he truly is. The size difference between himself and his opponent would make for interesting storytelling.


Braun Strowman

Was this even a question? Braun Strowman has been built up to be an unstoppable monster and yet, he does not have Raw’s top championship until now. The idea simply makes no sense. Imagine. Strowman is the perfect wrestler to take the belt away from Lesnar. Brock is almost always bigger than all of his challengers and Strowman is one of the very few who are bigger than Lesnar himself. Braun should have made mincemeat of Lesnar last year. The fact the people love Braun and would fully support him as Universal Champion is more than enough reason to have him with the belt.


Finn Balor

The man never lost his title and he still does not have his rematch. WWE is a strange world. Usually, when a champion loses their belt they are given the right to invoke a rematch for the said championship. For some reason, this has become an afterthought for Balor. Another thing that makes no sense in the current environment of WWE. Are we really going to give Roman another shot when the fans clearly are bored with him? Balor can wrestle. His run as NXT Champion has proven that. Fans support him as well but, the hype has died down due to the lack of movement on his character.

Heck, he should be Intercontinental Champion at the very least but we’re stuck with him in no man’s land with Baron Corbin. They’re on the show and not doing anything significant. That makes me wonder if a return to NJPW would be much more beneficial because he would not be treated by Gedo the way he has been treated by WWE. An afterthought. He was supposed to be one of the top stars in the company by now and he’s been shrunk down to the mid-card.


Bobby Lashley

Brock Lesnar has competed in MMA. Bobby Lashley has competed in MMA. Both have amateur wrestling backgrounds. Both are average on the mic. Kidding. The script for Lashley to take the belt from Lesnar writes itself. During Lashley’s first run in WWE, he was pushed to the moon and was not ready for it. Years later, Lashley has evolved into a well-rounded wrestler after some tie in companies like TNA/Impact. You can already tell a compelling story right there. Lashley wants to prove to everyone that he’s much better than he was before and Lesnar does not care. That’s more than enough to build up a match between the two where Lashley becomes Universal Champion.


In conclusion, anyone would be better than Brock Lesnar as Universal Champion. We have a lot of options. Who would you have as Universal Champion? Leave your comments below!

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