5 superstars WWE needs to re-sign right now

Alexa Bliss reveals the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

Sometimes, WWE doesn’t know what it has before it’s gone for good. Guys like Cody Rhodes and Juice Robinson once competed for the biggest wrestling promotion in the world until WWE decided to let them go.

Now that they’ve made it big in the indies, WWE are probably cursing at themselves for failing to cash in on a gold mine. That’s why they probably should work hard to keep these superstars on the main roster before they take their talents somewhere else.

Daniel Bryan

It’s common knowledge by now that Daniel Bryan’s contract is set to expire on September. Rumors are circulating about that Bryan is planning to not re-sign with the company and will instead return to Ring of Honor. Losing one of the most iconic and inspirational wrestlers of all time will definitely hit WWE where it hurts. Besides, someone like Daniel Bryan is hard to get by. WWE must do their best to keep him happy and fulfilled.

Mauro Ranallo

The future voice of the WWE definitely needs to stay for a longer period time. According to reports, Mauro Ranallo’s contract is set to expire sometime next year. An action-packed episode of NXT won’t be complete without his trademark wit and passion as he calls every single match. And who else needs more topical references on their commentary? So WWE, please try to keep Mauro Ranallo employed. Maybe move him back to SmackDown Live?

Rusev and Lana

Everyone should know by now what day it is. If WWE lets Rusev and Lana go to greener pastures, they would lose two charismatic Superstars who already gained a legion of fans ready to chant “Rusev Day!” and “Lana Day!” every chance they get. Inside sources are already predicting that the couple are just letting their contracts expire, so WWE better step up and prevent two festive holidays from moving somewhere else.


The SmackDown Live GM may have retired earlier this year, but there’s no doubt that Paige can still deliver the goods to the Blue Brand. As the most competent GM the WWE has ever had in years, Paige should keep things going for SmackDown Live for the next couple of years. Aren’t we sick of authority figures hogging the spotlight from the Superstars? So just re-sign her because who knows, she can even run RAW in the future.

Dean Ambrose

And how can the present landscape of WWE be complete without The Lunatic Fringe? After rumors surfaced about Dean Ambrose’s unprofessional habits, it seems that he’s slated to be released when his contract expires. But that would be a huge mistake because Ambrose is exactly what the WWE needs right now—a brash, unconventional superstar who tells it like it is and isn’t afraid to back up his words with his fists. Never let go of Ambrose, we beg you.

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