WWE: 5 superstars Seth Rollins can tag with

Alexa Bliss reveals the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

Seth Rollins has done it all. He’s held championships, won big fights, and has had WrestleMania moments. However, The Architect can’t win it all regardless of how good he is.

In last week’s episode of Raw, he was scheduled for a tag match with a partner of his choosing against Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. When Roman Reigns was barred from tagging with him (thanks to Constable Baron Corbin), Rollins found himself losing a 2-1 match against the IC Champion and McIntyre. All Seth had to do was go backstage and look around for a partner to make it an event match.

Here were some of the Superstars who would have been a decent partner and made the contest more even. They may not be his primary and ideal options, but it’s better than the beating and loss he got.

Big ShowJeri-Show

If there’s anything the Big Show could have brought to the table, it’s his size, power, and tag-team experience. The giant could have easily swayed the numbers in his team’s favor with his stature and raw strength. The Big Show is also a former tag team champion, sharing the belt with other greats such as Chris Jericho, Kane, and The Undertaker. With him in Rollins’ corner, they would have stomped through their opponents. Ziggler and McIntyre would spend tons of energy trying to topple down this superstar team.

Mojo RawleyWWE Photo 

Despite his win/loss record in the WWE, the hype man’s energy and strength would have been helpful in mitigating the chemistry of Ziggler and McIntyre. Rollins alone can provide the game plan, while Rawley would be the perfect spark plug to overwhelm the opponent once tagged in. The combination of Seth Rollin’s meticulous execution plus Mojo’s nonstop motor would be a difficult tandem to handle even by a seasoned tag team.

No Way Jose ... and gets the 1-2-3 in his debut!

Don’t let the dancing and fiesta distract you from how good No Way Jose can be in the squared circle. There is a serious and competitive side to this fun superstar. His intensity and toughness have propelled him from NXT all the way to the main roster in Monday Night Raw. Seth Rollins could’ve utilized No Way Jose to help to wear down their opponents enough to finish with a well-placed Stomp. All this would be happening in a fun, entertaining, and lighthearted match.

Titus O’Neil

Enter the titleholders, The Prime Time Players.The head of Titus Worldwide might not currently be in the best position to get some wins, but a partnership with Seth Rollins would have produced some magic in the ring. Length, athleticism, and a decent amount of agility for his size would be a good supplement to Rollins’ skillset. Titus is also no stranger to success with tag-team wrestling as half of the Prime Time Players with former WWE ssuperstauperstar Darren Young.

Tyler Breeze

WWE Photo

Tyler Breeze was almost in Seth Rollin’s side had he not been shunned away by the Architect. All because he seemed useless, non-intimidating, and not worthy of the main event? On the contrary, Seth should have noticed the eagerness, heart, and determination of Breeze. It takes courage to confidently volunteer yourself to be Seth Rollins’ partner. Don’t forget that Tyler Breeze is no pushover as a singles competitor. He was contending for championships in NXT, so what makes Seth think Breeze isn’t capable of the same in Raw?

(Photo Credit: WWE.com, @WWE)

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