WWE: 5 devastating finishers — women’s edition

Alexa Bliss reveals the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

A good finisher is a must to succeed in the WWE. The women’s division has its share of Superstars who have reliable match enders.

Fox Sports Philippines now takes a look at the most devastating finishers among the Raw wwomen’s division and why each is so awesome as the conclusion of a match.

Arm Bar – Ronda Rousey

The rest of the division better be wary of their limbs when they face Rowdy Ronda Rousey. The new WWE Raw Women’s Champion is an expert of the arm bar. It’s been a go-to move for her inside the octagon and in the squared circle. On her path to success, she’s won many matches and broken arms with this. The pain caused by this move when she hyper extends her opponents arms results in certain submission.

Sharpshooter – Natalya

WWE Photo

Brett Hart made the sharpshooter famous during the 80’s and 90’s. A well-executed sharpshooter puts lots of pressure on the opponent’s back and body. When the Hitman locked the move in, there was no chance for his opponent to escape. Natalya’s made this iconic finisher her own as well and has hurt others in the Women’s division with it. Leave it to a Hart to be the best there is, ever was, and ever will be to do the sharpshooter.

Eclipse – Ember Moon

Ember Moon’s Eclipse mixes the acrobatics of a high-risk maneuver with the hurt and impact of a Stone Cold Stunner or RKO. When put together, this combination of force from the high ground localized to the opponent’s head and neck leaves the competition lifeless and defeated. It’s beautiful to look at and definitely painful for the opponent.

Figure Eight – Charlotte

Ric Flair had the iconic and climactic Figure Four leg lock to eliminate opponents. With it, he twists his opponent’s legs and knees for a painful submission. It’s an effective move, but the only weakness this move has is the ability to counter it by flipping over to your belly to put the pressure on the initial holder. Charlotte improved on it by turning it into a Figure Eight. By lifting and bridging her hips, she not only increases the pressure on the lock, but also prevents the flipping that reverses the pressure. This also makes it harder for the opponent to crawl to the ropes for a rope break. When Charlotte locks in the Figure Eight, expect the tap out soon after.

(Photo Credit: WWE.com)

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