WWE: How Braun Strowman can defeat Roman Reigns

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As the holder of the Money in the Bank contract, Braun Strowman should have a clear path to the WWE Universal Title. Roman Reigns and the rest of his Shield-mates, however, have other plans. The supposedly easy cash in for the Monster Among Men now becomes trickier with Ambrose and Rollins around to defend the champion.

Not all hope is lost on Strowman, though. Fox Sports Philippines takes a look at some of the ways he can overcome his trials he can win the WWE Universal Championship.

Go crazy over The Shield

Strowman is a 7-foot monster facing three tough men. Though the odds are in his favor, let’s not forget that Braun is one scary dude capable of toppling heavy vehicles and structures. Three men combined are definitely less massive than the trucks he’s turned over. The only difference is that the Shield punch back. However, it’s not beyond Braun to get to the extra gear and simply overpower the trio.

Team up with Ziggler and McIntytre

WWE Photo

The recent WWE Raw gave us a preview of this team. If Braun can’t win solo against the Shield trio, then he can collaborate with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre to even the odds. Separately, they already have beef with the Shield. It only makes sense for them to join forces and unify their effort to achieve their individual goals.

Call the Family

Strowman must’ve forgotten that he has another group of people he can call for help: the Wyatt Family. Bray, Harper, and Rowan will not only provide the sufficient backup, but they will also have the numbers game on their side with their four men against the Shield’s three.

The unexpected cash-in

The MITB contract can be cashed in at any time. With this, all Strowman has to do is pick his moment to cash in wherein Reigns is at his most vulnerable. This can be after an exhausting match or a surprise backstage ambush. Rollins and Ambrose’s help should be too little too late if Strowman is able to power down Reigns.

Isolate at Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell is the perfect way to remove outside interference to the outcome of a match. If Strowman and Reigns do end up facing each other inside HIAC, then the result can be Shield-free. However, we are still a few weeks away from the special event. There may not be enough time until then to get the two Superstars safely inside intact.

(Photo and Video Credit: WWE.com and WWE Youtube Page)

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