LOOK: WWE Pays Touching Tribute to 9/11

Alexa Bliss reveals the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

The WWE joined millions of Americans in paying tribute to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack that destroyed the World Trade Center and took countless lives along with it.

This week’s episode of SmackDown Live opened with a proper tribute to 9/11, complete with the tolling the bell 11 times and a minute of silence for the victims. The SmackDown brand is known to give touching tributes to this unfateful day. It began in 2001, two days after the attack happened. SmackDown hosted the first public gathering of Americans as they performed during a time of terror.

Lilian Garcia paid tribute to this iconic moment in WWE history as she encouraged her countrymen to “never forget.” Lilian led everyone in triumphantly singing the national anthem in 2001 as Americans showed their defiance in one of the darkest periods of the country.

WWE’s YouTube channel also featured SmackDown Live star Zelina Vega giving a touching tribute to her father, Michael Angel Trinidad, who died during 9/11. Trinidad was 33 at the time and was working on the 103rd floor of the North Tower when the attacks happened. She also talked about how 9/11 changed her life completely and recalled how The Rock knew about his father who was also a huge fan of the former WWE Champion.

“That I’m just as crazy as he is. I think he’d be happy about it, I think he’d be super proud of it. Because we were told no all our lives and to actually get the big yes, and to be representing for him, is such a cool thing for me. It’s like little wins for me, so to be here is just a big win for me,” Vega said.

(Photo from WWE.com)
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