Other weapons the Shield could use

Alexa Bliss reveals the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

The Shield made an impact on last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. In the opening portion with Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre and the evil part of the locker room, the Shield came out swinging with ax handles. It was very effective in driving their foes away, but it looked funny considering their missing the most lethal part of their weapon.

FOX Sports Philippines offers some suggestions on what the Shield should’ve carried instead of the simple ax handles. These will offer maximum hurt with minimal lethalness fit for the WWE Universe.

Kendo Sticks

When the weapons bag showed up, it was possible that the group brought some WWE- approved kendo sticks to the fight. Since it’s a mainstay in hardcore and Extreme Rules matches, the kendo stick has been an effective weapon. The Shield wielding this would still fight off their enemies without looking weird due to a diminished weapon.

Suddenly, The Shield emerge in the WWE Universe.

Sledge Hammers

For maximum statement and impact, they can steal one right out of HHH’s arsenal and bring sledge hammers to the fight. A long wooden stick with heavy metal on the end never fails to bring the hurt. The metal end is necessary here because without it, they’d just be carrying an ordinary and unintimidating piece of stick. There’s no stopping them from doing this. Rollins already stole The Game’s finisher, why should the weapon be safe.

Baseball Bat

If Kendo sticks are too ordinary for the Shield, they could’ve upped the ante by bringing baseball bats. Be it traditional wood or modern aluminum, Reigns, Ambrose, and Rollins will bring the hurt as they swing for the fences. This is also perfect for them since nobody’s used baseball bats as their signature weapon in a long time.

WWE Photo

Nightstick/Police Baton

Nightsticks or police batons would’ve been perfect with their law-enforcement and vigilante persona. They already have the black gear and the bullet-proof vest. Adding this to their outfit will complete their look. As demonstrated by the Big Boss Man during the Attitude Era, this symbol of power and authority is capable of delivering the justice its wielder will serve.

The fight is on!


For an Asian flair, they can also bring this damaging weapon to the melee. Nunchucks are an all-around weapon with its wooden ends tied together by the unforgiving chain. Just imagine how awesome and cool the Shield would look too if they brought this to their fights.

(Photo Credit: WWE.com)

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