Hell in a Cell 1998: Mankind vs Undertaker

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There are a few matches in WWE history that will stand the test of time. These matches will always be retold no matter the number of years since passed. One of these is the Hell in a Cell Match between The Undertaker and Mankind. This iconic match happened on June 28, 1998, and it’s been 20 years since Mankind took those brutal bumps.

Fox Sports Philippines revisits this match and its memorable milestones to remember just how brutal, memorable, and dangerously crazy this match was.

Part 1: Let’s Start from the Top

WWE Photo

People knew this match was in for a wild ride when both the Undertaker and Mankind decided to meet at the top of the cage. Never mind that there’s a ring inside the cell. Mankind wanted something special and dangerous against the Dead Man, and having this fight on the roof definitely did that.

Part 2: The 1st Fall

The fall is the decisive finish of a match where a winner clearly defeats the losing opponent. It comes either as a pin or a submission. In terms of this iconic Hell in a Cell match, the 1st fall is the one that had The Undertaker throwing Mankind off the roof and down unto the announcer’s table. It’s the clip that will be played forever when talking about the legacy of both Superstars. This should’ve been the end of the match, but unfortunately—or fortunately—it wasn’t.

Part 3: Stretching the Match

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Mankind suffering that devastating fall warrants the appearance of the medical stretcher. Right after the fall, Mankind was being wheeled off from the ring. No sane man should be able to withstand that amount of pain and carry on with the match. To everyone’s surprise but Mankind’s, he defiantly released himself from the stretcher, walked back to the ring, and climbed the cell again to meet the Undertaker at the top. It’s as if the man wanted some more pain! He will definitely have what he came for.

Part 4: Pandemonium through the Roof

The cell’s roof isn’t the sturdiest foundation to stand on. One can clearly see how wobbly it can get. Each step of the Superstars greatly depressed the metal it was only a matter of time before someone fell through it. For this match, that someone would again be Mankind. Undertaker delivering a Chokeslam was the move of choice. It wasn’t as visually hurtful as the fall to the table. However, Mankind would say that a few lucky breaks made this particular spot non-lethal for him.

Part 5: Tacky

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Inside the cell, they would finally have a typical wrestling match with the usual moves and pain points. However, Mankind wouldn’t give up and go away with a regular match. Everything was going according to plan until the thumbtacks came into the picture. Undertaker bodyslams and Chokeslam to the tacks finally defeated Mankind. It was a fittingly brutal end to the extremely brutal match.

(Photo Credit: WWE.com & WWE Youtube Page)

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