Liv Morgan possibly injured after RAW match

Alexa Bliss reveals the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

Liv Morgan may have suffered a concussion during a match this week on RAW after Brie Bella knocked her unconscious with two hard-hitting Yes! Kicks.

During a match that featured Natalya and The Bella Twins facing off against The Riott Squad, Brie Bella hit Liv Morgan with her patented Yes! Kicks, a move she borrowed from her husband Daniel Bryan. Morgan took the shots kneeling down as the last two kicks went straight to her head, knocking her out in the process. The show had to cut to commercial to check on Morgan.

Despite the possible injury, Morgan muscled through the match. She chose to continue fighting until she was sent back to the locker room by the medical staff. Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan had to complete the match without her as they were able to steal the win. Michael Cole later confirmed that Morgan was being evaluated by doctors for a possible concussion. also confirmed that officials were “putting Morgan through a series of tests to determine if she may have suffered a concussion.” Brie Bella has addressed the incident on Twitter, stating that she never intended her opponent. Fans, however, aren’t buying it and has accused of Brie of making the incident all about herself.

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