5 WWE superstars who got stretchered out

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WWE Superstars are always portrayed as strong and godly, but you’ll be shocked to know that they are people too. We get to be reminded by this every time we see our favorite wrestlers getting carried out on a stretcher.

From rivals deliberately destroying each other to wrestlers sacrificing themselves for everyone’s entertainment, these moments of weakness made us gasp and think about our own mortality. FOX Sports Philippines compiled some of these humbling moments in WWE.

Jeff Hardy in Like, A Lot of Times

They called Jeff Hardy a daredevil for a reason. He’s almost always fearless, ready to put his body on the line for the ultimate glory. Because of this, we’ve seen Hardy being carried out on a stretcher multiple times. The most recent of which was two weeks ago when he dived from the ceiling of the Hell in a Cell structure. And who could forget the time he hit Swanton Bomb 20 feet from above to destroy his rival then and until now, Randy Orton?

Shane McMahon Also Comes Close

If there’s someone in the WWE who can match Hardy’s craziness in the ring, it’s the boss’ son Shane McMahon. And to think that he’s not even an active competitor. We’ve seen him jump from high places before. In a span of two years, Shane has jumped from the roof of the Hell in a Cell structure twice. And remember that time when Steve Blackman whacked him off with a kendo stick, causing Shane to fall off from a high steel structure?

John Cena Got Fed to Ryback

Believe it or not, John Cena himself was once carried out of a stretcher. It all went down at Extreme Rules 2013 when he defended the WWE Championship against the always-hungry Ryback in a Last Man Standing match. Ryback took the fight at the stage area as he drove Cena through the pyrotechnic area with a huge Spear. After a few explosions, Cena had to be stretchered out as the match ended in a no-contest.

Johnny Gargano’s Will to Avenge

Johnny Gargano’s drive to get back at his former best friend Tommaso Ciampa led him to be carried out of a stretcher a bunch of times. But the most prominent happened on the April 25, 2018 edition of NXT, the night Gargano was slated to face the NXT Champion Aleister Black. Ciampa launched a surprise attack even before the match started. The attack was so vicious, Gargano had to be stretched out of the arena accompanied by his wife Candice LaRae.

Rey Mysterio’s Wild Stretcher Ride

Probably the most unlucky Superstar on the list, Rey Mysterio suffered the most while on a stretcher. After winning the match in a dominant performance at Backlash 2003, Big Show wasn’t satisfied and decided to inflict more damage to his fallen opponent. After the medical staff carefully secured Mysterio in a stretcher, Show took the stretcher and whacked the ring post like a baseball, all while Mysterio was in it. It was a disturbing act of violence that probably injured Mysterio further.

(Photos from WWE.com)
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