John Cena, WWE’s Instagram Champion: Super Cena on Superheroes

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John Cena’s built a reputation as being one of the unbeatable Superstars in WWE. It’s because of this superhero-like quality of his that the WWE Universe sometimes dubs him as Super Cena.

Staying true to his nickname, the champ pays tribute and shows some love to other comics superheroes in his IG feed. Fox Sports Asia takes a look at some of these posts and tries to decipher what these could mean for Cena.


No other character defines what a superhero is better than Superman. The Man of Steel is probably the first hero that comes to mind when people think of what a hero is. The same can be said for John Cena. Not only is he a superhero in his own right, but he’s also one of the top Superstars to come to people’s minds when they think of WWE wrestlers.

The Incredible Hulk

In this post, Cena takes a shot from the 1978 film adaptation of The Incredible Hulk. We see here the hero’s two sides/faces; the man David Banner towards the left, and the angry Hulk towards the right. This may be Cena comparing himself to the Hulk and his two sides of mellow and angry. The Universe usually sees the Superstar as the cheerful and motivating man who embodies hustle, loyalty, and respect. However, there may also be an angry and volatile Cena we aren’t familiar with.

Captain America’s Shield

The Captain’s shield is a symbol of many things. First of all, it’s the emblem representing America. Secondly, the shield signifies strength and fortitude. At third is the honour and pride that comes along with carrying the American flag. In some way, all these can also describe John Cena. What’s interesting with this picture, however, are the scratches that taint the solid armor. This may mean the pains and struggles America/Cena faces. However, despite these scratches, the shield stays solid and strong, just like the champ!

Dr. Manhattan

Cena goes atomic on this post by featuring Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen. For those who read the comics or seen the movie, Dr. Manhattan is one of the strongest and most dangerous characters among the bunch. He can cause complete destruction and mayhem in one instant. How would this relate to John Cena? The WWE Superstar is strong and influential enough to bring destruction. Anybody who crosses John Cena may be in for a very unfavourable fate.

Iron Man x Louis Vuitton

Strong, amazing, powerful, yet stylish; these are just some words to describe Tony Stark. There’s no better way to represent the man underneath the Iron Man mask than the armour with LV panels. We won’t even bother trying to explain what Cena was going for with this. Let’s just enjoy this amazing and ironic crossover between the fashion industry and Marvel universe.

(Photo Credit: | Instagram @JohnCena)