5 WWE Superstars who need new finishing moves

Alexa Bliss reveals the Raw Women’s Survivor Series Team: Raw, Nov. 12, 2018

A good finishing move is a must for a successful WWE Superstar. It has to be iconic, impactful, reliable, and true to the personality of the Superstar having it in his/her arsenal. However, the finishers employed by some of those on the Raw and Smackdown roster fail to live up to the hype and effectiveness of a solid match ender.

Fox Sports Asia reviews some finishers seen in today’s WWE that need changing up. Reasons will be presented as to why these simply won’t work as a beautiful move and as a knockout blow to their opponent.

Naomi – The Rear View

... and connects with the Rear View!

Naomi has been proud of her well-kept physique and agile body. For her finishing move called the Rear View, this entails her meeting an opponent bouncing off the ropes and hitting them with a solid piece of her buttocks. With all respect to the athletic ability needed to pull this off, she can achieve the same result with a solid strike from one of her limbs. Simply put, the move is ridiculous and seemingly weak and ineffective. This may make it just another transition move, but it gives her an opportunity to come up with a more devastating and athletic finisher.

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Tyler Breeze – The Beauty Shot

 The “Selfie King” hits The Beauty Shot to earn an opportunity to challenge for the NXT Championship!

One half of the Fashion Police uses an innocent jumping and spinning heel kick as his finisher. However, it becomes a match ender just because of a fancy name. The major gripe against this move is that it’s a simple transition move. There’s nothing too special or iconic about it. It doesn’t help that it’s not as impactful and damaging when executed. Breeze may be a great judge of fashion, but he fell short in properly judging the beauty of his finishing move.

Shane McMahon – Coast to Coast

Shane O’ Mac has blessed the WWE Universe for years with the awesomeness of his Coast-to-Coast finisher. There is nothing wrong with it as a move. It is a sight to behold, destructive, and painful for both executer and victim. However, it may be a good idea for him to change things up mostly because Shane isn’t getting any younger, and the WWE ring might take a toll on his body. For Shane’s sake, if he wants to prolong his career, it may be a good idea to find another finisher. As iconic as the move is to him, it’s understandable if he decides to retire the move.

Big Show – KO Punch

Boxing and MMA have shown us again and again that opponents can be brought down with a well-placed knockout punch. Unfortunately, this doesn’t translate well inside the squared circle where extravagance and pageantry are mandatory. In the hands of the Big Show, it becomes an even more basic, limp, and uninspired finisher. There’s no denying he can knock out opponents with a punch if he wants to, but it just doesn’t bode well under WWE’s lights.

Rusev – The Accolade 

The Accolade / Camel Clutch is painful and crippling. It looks simple enough to execute. However, don’t even attempt it at home unless you want to have a broken spine. The problem for Rusev, however, is that it’s too similar to the clutch employed by other villainous foreign heels. Rusev is too popular, too charismatic, too athletic, and too amazing for him to be bogged down by an unoriginal move. As much as The Accolade can bring the hurt, the Bulgarian Brute is better of having another finisher that’s uniquely his.

(Photo and Video Credit: WWE.com and WWE Youtube Page)